About us

Insurance by Design, One Family, One Business, One Asset at a Time!! Simply put, that has been our motto Since 1998 When We Opened Our Doors.  As an entity with great credentials, we pride ourselves in our Customer Satisfaction Ratings and the dependability of our agents.  You, as a client, can rest assured that your assets are being handled by well trained professionals that have only your best interest in mind.  By focusing our efforts to “raise the bar” and surpass client expectations we are able to commit ourselves to INSURE AND PROTECT customers assets therefore building better communities, improve lifestyles, and create peace of mind for our clients. We are able to make all these fantastic claims about our firm because we know how to deliver. This company believes that client satisfaction begins with the company’s administration.

By keeping our administrators happy, prosperous, and well trained, they are able to pass on their knowledge and work ethics to the agents. In turn, the agents feel the need to do their best at making the administrators happy. How do they do that? By keeping the clients’ best interest in mind, and keeping their morals straight at all times. Rest assured that EVERY INSURANCE policy that we create, bind and deliver is fully scrutinized and tripled checked to make sure that agents have the clients best interest in mind. NOT ONE of our agent specializes in all products but EACH ONE of our agents specializes in ONE PRODUCT and become the best at it — therefore giving the customer TRUE EXPERT experience on any Type of coverage they get from us. Call us picky, strict or too by the book….. but after all…….

Wouldn’t you like to rest assured knowing that the services being provided are being done by a true specialist???